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AEI: the best place to learn English in Los Angeles, CA
April 20, 2021 at 7:00 AM
There's no better place to learn English in Los Angeles, California than at AEI! We're sure to become your second family.

Learning languages isn’t easy. It requires continuous practice and time. However, time’s not always abundant and meaningful practice is hard to come by. That’s why American English Institute (AEI) is the premier location to learn English in Los Angeles, California. No other language institute offers the fast, full-service, custom language learning solutions we do. Plus, we promise each student’s unique needs are always taken into careful consideration.

Here’s everything you need to know about AEI.

Who we are

AEI is the only place to learn English in Los Angeles, California to see fast results. We cater specifically to professional and academic success.

We pride ourselves on helping students from all around the world improve their English and get the test scores they need. Just as importantly, we pride ourselves on helping students achieve professional success.

Our intensive curriculums enable students to achieve their goals at unprecedented speeds. We’ve carefully cultivated comfortable environments that facilitate language learning and make our classrooms feel like students’ second homes.

We’re focused on helping each student achieve their dreams and goals. Whether you want English for high school, university, or professional advancement, we do it all. We know what language means and the opportunities it affords. We’re proud to be that threshold to opportunity.

What we do

Our services make AEI the best location to learn English in Los Angeles, California. We provide students with rapid progress toward personal, academic, and professional goals.

Homestay placement

At AEI, we provide homestay placement with American host families for international students. This is a unique, immersive American experience. These programs even include excursions to sites and amusement parks.

Intensive courses

Our intensive English programs require 20 hours per week of studying and guarantee your ascension to the next language level in just 8 weeks. Whether you need to go from an A2 to a B1 level, or a B2 to a C1 level, it’s never been easier and more accessible.

Vacation English

If you like mixing business with pleasure, our vacation English courses are perfect. While on vacation, you can take 15 hours of lessons per week to enhance your trip and allow you to practice what you learn in real-world situations.

Vocational pathways

If you need English for a specific field, we can help. We’ve even helped students learn the English they need to acquire nursing and pilot licensing.

Why you should choose us

We help students achieve their dreams. We offer classes that are hospitable, encouraging, and still get results. We truly believe our students can achieve whatever they want and more. This confidence is contagious. It instills the same belief in students. This is the key to success.

Furthermore, English is essential in the modern world, particularly in America. Americans don’t often speak another language. Plus, for jobs in the business, science, or technology sectors, it’s practically a prerequisite. It doesn’t matter if you’re in America or Germany.

There’s truly no comparable place to learn English in Los Angeles, California. We teach what you want when you want how you want. Our staff are attentive, responsive, and accommodate every learning style. Language is often the key to acceptance. It’s never been so accessible!

Book lessons now and start learning!

If you need English for academic or career advancement, there’s no better place to learn English in Los Angeles, California than AEI. Whether you’re international or local, we’d love to have you. Our unique, full-service, custom programs are taught by professionals and produce results at unparalleled speeds. Book your lessons now!