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Commercial Pilot Pathway

About the Commercial Pilot Program

Study intensive aviation English while training for your pilot licenses.

Intensive English and Aviation English Program

Monthly start dates available.

Students enroll in AEI's Intensive English Program to improve their English for flight training.  At the same time, students will study aviation English as an elective to learn aviation vocabulary and flight training concepts.

Students will be tested at the start of the aviation english training program to determine their English proficiency level, and the amount of English language required during the program depends on a student's incoming level.

Each level requires 8 weeks to complete.

Learn everything you need to become a licensed pilot.

FAA Approved Private Pilot License Training

The Private Pilot License (PPL) allows students to operate a small aircraft as either a pilot-in-command or co-pilot. It's the first step towards a career as a commercial pilot.

American English Institute students will receive ground training and flight training classes with AEI's flight training partner, World Wide Wings, to earn their PPL.

3-4 Months

Learn everything you need to become a licensed pilot.

Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Licenses

Instrument rating (IR) certifies a student can pilot an aircraft through instrumentation alone. Certification includes a written, oral, and flight test with a certified instructor.

A commercial pilot license (CPL) allows you to fly aircraft for compensation for commercial airlines, cargo and charter flights, agriculture, and more. The single and multi-engine add-ons provide students with additional qualifications.

The program takes 3 to 6 months, depending on students' starting level of proficiency.

Learn everything you need to become a licensed pilot.


The American English Institute teamed up with Upper Limit Aviation to bring International students an unparalleled opportunity to start their career as international pilots!

Program Benefits:

  • Allows students with low-level English to improve their English while simultaneously earning their pilot licenses
  • Provides a strong foundation in general and aviation English so that students attain ICAO Level 4 by the completion of their Commercial Pilot License
  • Provides a structured curriculum in both English and aviation so that students can earn their commercial pilot license and ICAO Level 4 in just one year!

*  The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a United Nations agency made up of civil aviation authorities worldwide. ICAO set a deadline of March 2008 for English language proficiency at Level 4 and above for all pilots flying international routes and air traffic controllers serving international airports and routes.

AEI students gain required English skills to meet the standard set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to obtain jobs with and earn their private pilot license, instrumentation rating license, and commercial pilot from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) so that they can work at major airline companies.

Our English language programs are the ideal way to master the language.