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Nursing Pathway

About the Nursing Pathway Program

Study intensive English and prepare for admission tests and credential evaluation while in the Intensive English Program.

Nursing Pathway Program

AEI's Nursing Pathway Program helps experienced international nurses and international students become licensed nurses in California.

Program Purpose:

Students enroll in AEI's Nursing Pathway Program to:

1) improve their English to work with native English speakers, and

2) gain admission to our partner nursing school in order to earn a degree in nursing or complete requirements needed for licensing in California.

While studying in the Intensive English Program, Nursing Pathway Program students will have additional coursework and counseling to prepare for admission to AEI's nursing partner school.

Additional classes are taken to prepare students' for the entry exam and to learn key vocabulary to succeed in nursing school.

Length of Program:

Students will be tested at the start of the program to determine their English proficiency level. The number of sessions of English language depends on a student's incoming level.

Each level requires 8 weeks to complete. A beginner level students requires minimum 10 months of student or fur 8-Week Intensive English Program sessions. An intermediate student will require a minimum of 6 months or three 8-Week Intensive English Program sessions.

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Nursing Partner School


Beyond Nursing School

One of the requirements for nursing schools is to get practical experience as a nurse. Clinical hours are required where students will be placed in nursing facilities including clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes to gain clinical hours towards their degrees.



American English Institute teamed up with our partner nursing school to bring International students an unparalleled opportunity to start their career as a nurse!

Program Benefits:

  • Allows students with low-level English to improve their English while simultaneously preparing for admission to nursing school
  • Provides a strong foundation in general and nursing English so that students attain a level required for admission to nursing school and to communicate confidently.
  • Provides a structured curriculum in both English and nursing preparation so that students can begin nursing school after completing AEI's Level 500--Advanced level!

*  The California Board of Nursing requires students that have earned nursing credentials outside of the U.S. to meet California requirements and the TOEFL before they can take the NCLEX exam. New nursing students are not required to take the TOEFL. AEI's Nursing Pathway Program helps students to improve their English and gain approval from the board to take the next steps in their nursing licensure.

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