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Should You Attend Los Angeles English School Classes Before Moving?
March 19, 2022 at 5:00 AM
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Language is everywhere. From street signs to restaurant menus, we encounter language every day in countless different ways. Being able to read and understand written language guides us through the decisions we make, helps us learn important information, and gives us confidence to take on new goals.

While we may sometimes take understanding language for granted, when we’re placed in an environment where we can’t make sense of written language, speak it, or understand it when we hear it, its easy to become overwhelmed.

Doing something simple like buying groceries, getting on and off at the right bus stops, or even finding your way around an area becomes infinitely more challenging when we don’t have basic language skills.

So, if you’re thinking of moving to the United States or you’re planning a vacation, getting a start on your English language skills before arriving will make life easier in the future.

Lower Overwhelm & Stress

Traveling to a new place is exciting. It’s also a little scary. Different towns and cities can feel like different worlds entirely. And jumping right into a new location can sometimes lead us to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

When we feel this way, we’re not focused on making the best of our time in a new place. We’re focused on getting somewhere we won’t need to use a different language to do simple tasks. This leads to a less enjoyable experience for us, and can even cause us to abandon the plans we made.

However, by spending time listening, reading, and trying to speak the language while we’re still at home, we give ourselves a chance to learn the language in a calm and familiar environment.

By taking steps to familiarize yourself with the language and begin introducing it into your daily life, it becomes less intimidating over time. Even just spending thirty minutes to an hour each day watching television shows in English or listening to music is a great way to develop your understanding of the language.

Once you’re in the United States or an English-speaking country, all of your short, daily practicings will help reduce the stress of entering a completely foreign environment.

Benefits of attending an English School in Los Angeles

Additionally, attending an English school can provide you with the chance to learn the language in a constructive educational space, while also giving yourself the ability to gain experience in a real-world setting.

Instead of being thrown into a new environment and having to navigate it by yourself, you can join a community of like-minded people from around the world. And who all share the same goal of learning a new language, and can support you throughout your journey.

Attending an English school can also create a sense of immersion in a safe space. Learning the language on your own and practicing it on your own is a great idea to boost your confidence and ability. But being immersed with other English language learners while in the U.S. can help you understand the culture, and will help you learn faster.

If you choose to immerse yourself in an English-speaking country alone, it can be much harder to pick up on the smaller details of the language and make your learning process more challenging.

Being able to step away when you feel overwhelmed, and then try again after learning more can help you stay motivated to keep learning and growing your ability.

American English Institute: Helping You Learn English, and Accomplish Your Goals

We offer several English language learning programs for your goals and needs. Learning a new language is a challenging, but rewarding experience!

If you want to hear more about our programs, you can contact us to get started.