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AEI’s expert guide on how to learn English in the USA
May 19, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Two happy students on a couch, celebrating their brithday with two cakes in front of them on the table. The best way to understand how to learn English in the USA is through practicing with Americans.

Learning languages is difficult. It requires an exhausting commitment. Without guidance, it’s easy to feel rudderless. However, when considering how to learn English in the USA, there are easy solutions. At American English Institute, we focus on providing intimate, communicative environments that cultivate perfect atmospherics for learning. Whatever you need it for and wherever you are, we’re your premier English learning resource.

Here’s how to learn English in the USA:

1. Take classes; learn the basics

Learning the basics may seem unnecessary. However, it’s critical when figuring out how to learn English in the USA. While many people have a base of English, even those who seem nearly fluent are often grammatically oblivious.

In day-to-day life, this is often not a problem. However, in many situations, it is. To fully integrate, get adequate test scores, and advance your career, it’s imperative to learn the basics.

For example, what’s the difference between present perfect simple and present perfect continuous? Do you know the conditionals and when to use them? Are prepositions crystal clear? A lack of foundation causes miscommunication.

Many people feel like rudimentary lessons are for children, but you’re never too old to learn the basics. Look for institutions that don’t provide didactic, traditional classes. These archaic approaches are ineffectual.

For the best results, find one-on-one intensive classes with a communicative focus. Luckily, at AEI, that’s exactly what we provide.

2. Practice in public

When considering how to learn English in the USA, practice is essential. In class, you learn concepts and perform some practice.

However, learning a language means being able to use it in all situations. Real-life applications require adapting to dynamic circumstances. Learning a language demands fearlessness and intrepid persistence. In public, don’t be afraid to practice.

Ask questions if you say something wrong and make notes of unanswered questions. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are lessons you teach yourself.

More importantly, though, have fun. Go on excursions to the zoo or museums. Practicing English in new, exciting environments makes it more enjoyable and gives you a broader base of experience that cements your grasp of the language.

Finding opportunities is not always easy. With AEI, we offer packages that include such invaluable chances to practice.

3. Practice at home

To understand how to learn English in the USA, the answer is simple: put in the hours and effort. Learning a language requires considerable time and energy. When you leave the classroom, your practice shouldn’t stop.

This is when your best and most effective practice begins. It’s important to make time each day for reading and exercises. Just ensure you get your work checked. It’s useless otherwise. Making time to do homework isn’t fun, but it’s necessary.

4. Socialize

The best way to learn English in the USA is to socialize. Make native-speaking friends and mingle. These conversations will likely give you the practice you need to truly hone and refine your English. Plus, it’s impossible to replicate this practice in any other context.

However, making friends isn’t always easy. There are programs available that couple you with a native-speaking partner. All you have to do is talk and spend time with them to get indispensable conversational practice.

Apply now to get started!

If you’re unsure how to learn English in the USA, American English Institute is your premier solution. Whether you’re in Southern California or international, we guarantee to get you where you want to go. With a team of professionals, small classes, a great environment, and tailored services, we’re unmatched. Apply now to get started!