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How to choose an English program for international students
February 24, 2022 at 8:00 AM
A woman carrying her school materials while on her way to her English program for international students.

English is the international language, so learning English is often crucial to achieving your goals. However, it can be difficult to determine if an English program for international students is right for you. Luckily, at the American English Institute, we provide the premier English courses and are authorities in helping students meet and exceed their ambitions. We offer personalized, full-service programs taught by professionals.

Here’s how to find the right international English program for you:

They can teach what you need.

When looking for an English program for international students, first consider your needs. Everyone learns English for different reasons.

For example, if you’re learning English for university, you will require a completely different curriculum than someone learning English to advance their career in a specific industry. Consider what you are hoping to use your international English program to accomplish.

Afterward, ask prospective schools if they have experience teaching that specific English. Depending on how niche your needs are, not every school will be equipped with the materials and experience to set you up for success.

Moreover, consider where you are planning on using the English you learn. Like all languages, English varies from country to country, and even region to region within countries. Learning American English, for example, could ultimately be a detriment if you plan on attending university in England or working in Australia.

Luckily, at AEI, our instructors have extensive experience and can personalize plans to help you realize and achieve your unique goals.

They cover all the grammar and language points you need.

Also, when considering an English program for international students, ensure your program covers all the language and grammar points you need.

If you plan on attending university, finding a program that will help you read, write, and speak academically is essential. However, if you are pursuing an opportunity to advance your career, you will have a very different set of demands.

On top of grammar, you want to ensure you learn industry-specific vocabulary and business-relevant functional language. Even for university, you will require grammar and language points customized to the major you’re pursuing.

If finding a program that teaches the exact grammar and language points you need is a priority, you’re in luck. At AEI, we can help you learn the international English you need to flourish.

They provide the right teaching style for you.

When seeking out an English program for international students, ask about their teaching style. Consider how you learn best, and communicate that to the school.

Ask specifically about instructors who can provide what you need. For example, if you learn better in one-on-one intensive courses and not a large group setting, this is imperative to ensure they offer.

More importantly, we advise you to find a school that emphasizes a communicative approach that provides you with the opportunity to speak and listen regularly, and it is critical to ensure courses include free practice activities in addition to filling out worksheets.

Lastly, ensure the environment is right for you. Being uncomfortable in the learning environment can significantly hinder your learning and overall experience.

Apply now to get started!

If you are looking for an English program for international students to help you realize your unique ambitions, look no further than the American English Institute. Whether you need English for work or school, our instructors are professional, have unequaled experience, and provide tailored full-service programs. Just tell us where you want to go, and we will ensure you get there. Apply now to enroll in AEI’s unrivaled international English program!