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What you can expect with AEI’s English classes in Riverside
June 16, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A class photo at a mall. Our English classes in Riverdale are more than just a place to learn. They're a place to forge friendships that last a lifetime!

True mastery of English requires extensive work. However, traditional didactic courses feel like an uphill battle. This is a demoralizing obstacle to success. At American English Institute, our English classes in Riverside replace that uphill battle with an express shuttle directly to the top. Unlike competitors, our communicative approach and focus on intensive, tailored programs enable you to reach goals you never thought possible. With a supremely qualified staff of professionals, we can teach you English for any purpose.

Here’s what to expect with AEI’s English courses:

Expect to work in and outside the classroom

One of the most common grievances from students taking English classes in Riverside is having to learn the basics. Particularly for teens or adults, this often feels like material they’ve already learned in grammar school, and therefore a waste of time.

Some students even feel insulted. However, no matter what you want to learn English for, the basics are absolutely necessary for true proficiency.

Consider the present simple and present continuous. These are some of the most basic English concepts. However, key language rules are often flouted by non-native speakers. Why is this sentence incorrect?

I’m having a house.

99% of the time, you don’t use state verbs in continuous forms. If that’s not immediately evident, learning the basics is essential. As you progress, these concepts persist. Failing to learn them can result in embarrassing mistakes and ruinous miscommunication.

Luckily, with AEI, we can gauge where you are and close all gaps in your English ability so you understand the inner workings of the language intimately.

Expect to work in and outside the classroom

AEI’s English classes in Riverside are specifically designed for rapid advancement. This is, in large part, due to our small classrooms and intensive curriculum.

These two elements, in conjunction, are the surest ways to optimize English learning. In these courses, you’ll receive tailored attention and instruction from incomparable English experts. However, rapid progress requires hard work.

In class, anticipate practice activities paired with grammar, vocabulary, and functional language lessons. Moreover, expect to continuously build on what you’ve already learned. This requires work outside the classroom.

There’s truly no replacement for real-world situations. Outside the classroom, expect ample homework, independent study, and real-world practice. Fortunately, AEI can help through organized excursions and other packages.

Expect to make quick progress and reach your goals

Most importantly, when taking AEI’s English classes in Riverside, expect to make rapid progress toward achievement. Our teachers are committed to your success, and our courses are engineered to expedite improvement at unrivaled rates.

Through rigorous work, classes throughout the week, homework, and excursions, you’ll meet your targets faster than you ever thought possible. No matter what your target is, our teachers are committed to helping you reach it.

We pride ourselves on instilling the confidence in our students to master English and succeed precisely where they want to succeed. Our intensive English courses will enable you to realize the proficiency you’re after.

From the nuances of body language and pronunciation to cultural reference that non-native speakers are often confused by, you’ll emerge with a native-level understanding of the language, and a command that engenders a self-belief only matched by our belief in you.

Enroll in English classes now!

American English Institute’s English classes in Riverdale are the surest way to learn American English while immersing yourself in American culture. Our teachers are esteemed professionals, and our intensive courses can accommodate any need and are specifically engineered for rapid success. Enroll in English classes now!