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How to prepare for an American English speaking course
April 19, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A group of students preparing for class.

If you are preparing to take your first American English speaking course, it is normal to feel nervous and unsure of what to expect. While simply showing up eager to learn is crucial, there are other ways to prepare and reduce your nerves. Fortunately, at American English Institute, we offer premier, full-service programs led by unrivaled instructors passionate about their students’ success. We tailor classes to help students reach their goals and provide personalized attention and small class sizes.

Here’s how to prepare for your course:

Look into what makes American English unique.

When preparing for your first American English speaking course, it’s essential to understand what makes American English different.

While understanding all the nuances isn’t necessary, it’s advisable to do some research. Most non-native speakers have learned the Queen’s English. While much of the grammar and language are transferrable, there are still considerable differences.

Researching and familiarizing yourself with these differences before lessons will give you a better idea of what you will be learning and what questions you want to ask. However, this doesn’t have to be tedious. Simply watching American films or TV shows will pay dividends.

If you’re ready to learn and master all the nuances of American English, at AEI, we have the premier instructors and materials to help you reach and exceed your goals.

Be ready to practice inside and outside the classroom.

It’s crucial to ready yourself for practice when taking an American English speaking course. Many people get nervous or self-conscious when learning and practicing a new language.

Nervousness and apprehension are entirely normal. Brace yourself for discomfort, and going in with the right attitude is key to optimizing your learning experience. Remember you will make mistakes no matter what. More importantly, remember mistakes are critical to the learning process.

Ensure you have all your materials to make the most of the course. Whether it’s paper and pens for notes or textbooks, this is essential for effective learning. Also, practice outside of the classroom if you can.

Practicing outside of the classroom with basic English before your lesson is a great way to get used to American English and the discomfort of speaking a foreign language. Moreover, learning to speak English requires practicing in the real world.

Luckily, at AEI, we offer small classes with personalized attention and cultivate the perfect environment for comfortable practice.

Understand exactly what your goals are.

Preparing for an American English speaking course also requires understanding why you’re taking the course.

It may seem obvious, but outlining your exact goals will pay dividends. Consider where in America you will be using English because that makes a difference. Your instructor should help you reach your specific targets through tailored, communicative lessons.

Once you understand what kind of English you need and how you plan on using it, you can bring this to your instructor to help them develop the perfect plans for you and what you want to accomplish. Also, consider what environments you will be using English in.

Depending on whether you need English for university, work, or simply day-to-day activities, this will dictate what kind of language lessons you need and the instruction and practice they provide, which means you will reach your goals faster.

Apply now to get started!

If you are preparing to take your first American English speaking course but are unsure where to take it, at American English Institute, we are the premier solution. We proudly cultivate a comfortable and welcoming learning environment, and our students experience accelerated success through personalized attention, tailored lessons, and instructors passionate about helping them reach their individual goals. Apply now to get started!