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2 Ways American English Vacation Courses are Better Than ESL
October 21, 2022 at 4:00 PM

As the world's most spoken language, it’s no wonder why so many non-native speakers want to take advantage of English language instruction. With today’s technology and pace of life, many students have trouble choosing between two options when learning American English: a vacation course or a traditional ESL course. Admittedly, there are advantages to both. On the one hand, ESL courses can provide structure and intensive instruction for students who prefer that environment. On the other, vacation courses create a less stressful, more fun study method for many learners. With that in mind, today we’ll discuss some benefits of our Vacation English Program and why it’s ideal for your stay in the US!

Typical ESL courses can take students between one semester and two years to complete their coursework. Their classes are more frequent, and students often suffer a lack of social and private life as a result. Our Vacation English Courses, however, have much shorter options and a number of the following convenient features:

  • 15 hours of weekly English instruction
  • Monday through Thursday classes
  • Classes scheduled between 9 am and 1:30 pm
  • Options to study 1-4 weeks or longer
  • Option to study on visa waiver or B1/B2 visa
  • 3 days per week to explore Southern California; this includes short trips and visits to popular destinations like Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Our Vacation English Program helps with many other time constraints as well. When arriving in a new country, many students are overwhelmed enough as it is. On top of their studies, they also have to tackle everyday issues like learning public transit, working a job, or caring for loved ones. With our flexible schedule, students bypass this to get the best of travel and education.

Traditional ESL courses emphasize reading, speaking, listening, and grammar. While essential, conventional classroom settings often limit students’ “real” or “natural” English exposure. It is also common for students to be nervous when speaking English with instructors, making spoken progress more difficult. When speaking to fellow non-native speakers, students also often develop bad habits since they might not identify errors. This, combined with culture shock, can substantially hold ESL students back. Vacation English programs focus on these core areas, but with less demanding academic requirements. This helps students improve their language skills while having time to peruse nearby areas and practice. Exploring outside the classroom, they get the chance to practice American English in real-world settings while immersing themselves in American culture. This immersion boosts students’ confidence as they get used to speaking English more and more.

Your success is our mission, and our vision is to help you achieve your goals and dreams. We understand that figuring out how to learn English in the USA is daunting, but we believe students should "shoot for the stars." We know that our students will make it over the moon with hard work, dedication, and inspiration!As one of the premier English language training centers, we also help professionals to improve their English and acquire new skills to advance in their careers. We also host groups of international youth for summer and winter camps where they will learn English while enjoying American culture!So whether you’re a business, international student, or professional in the Southern California area, we want to help. Reach out today to get started on your English language journey!