What Students Think About AEI

Find out what our previous students have to say about American English Institue, and what they really enjoyed about their time studying with us!


Saudi Arabia

"Hi! My name is Bader and I am from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am learning how to write, read, and speak English so I can communicate with people around me and also understand them. Before American English Institute, I could not speak, read or write English. Now, I feel confident speaking with native speakers. I can even write essays in English. Thanks to American English Institute, I will be able to attend an all-English university when I return home."



"Hi! My name is Jianzhi and I am from Guangzhon,China. I think the most important reason for me coming to the U.S. is that I want to know more about American culture, which is very different from Chinese culture. I want to improve my English skills, especially my spoken English. I enrolled in American English Institute to perfect my English, so that I can get into a good college to study pharmacy."



"Hi! My name is Lisa and my favorite thing about American English Institute is the small class size. If I were in a big classroom I would be too shy to practice my English. However, at American English Institute there are less students so I do not feel embarassed when I practice speaking English."


Saudi Arabia

"It's comfortable and all the teachers have many new ideas to teach the students. They explain everything clearly and always do what is good for students. And the environment is good for studying."



"I like the weather... it's so warm and comfortable to live in. It's not humid like Japan, and the people are very nice. I learned how to give a speech and how to write very organized sentences and essays, also grammar too."



"I loved the fact that I started to use grammar correctly. Our instructor was excellent and very organized giving us the right examples at the right time."

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